Karaoke Lounge & Sake Bar

An Authentic Anime Experience

Fusing modern technology and the world of anime, we have established Jacksonville’s first anime karaoke bar. From the largest selection of premium sake in N. Florida, to specialty snacks, Nakama Bar is the authentic izakaya experience you have been waiting for.


仲間 - pronounced /nakama/ translates to friend

Nakama Anime Bar is a anime-themed karaoke lounge located in the heart of Orange Park, Florida. Primarily offering karaoke by day, Nakama turns into a 21-and-over bar and lounge by night. 

Inspired by the enthusiastic community that surrounds the anime world and a shared passion for traditional Japanese karaoke, we decided to combine our two passions. Join us for an all night immersion into the world of anime. With private stages, an open mic, and bar, Nakama has something for everyone.

Nakama Anime Bar Features

rare finds


Our space features large anime wall art (bijutsu) painted by local artists.

Sake Bombs

Known as the traditional drink of Japan, sake is made to be enjoyed in any type of drink.


From Dragon Ball to One Piece, we have something for every manga fan.


Traditional Japanese “marble soda” is perfect for enjoying on or off the stage.


From rare finds to your favorite noodles, we have everything to fuel your performance.


From socks to t-shirts we carry the best selection of anime apparel in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sake Flights

New to sake? Let us introduce you properly. Taste a variety of four sake flavors with our flight.


Popular Japanese prize game, IchibanKuji is the only game where everyone wins.

Mix + Match


  • Junmai Flight

    Includes a taste of Seikyo Takehara, Manotsuru White Crane, The Green One, & Eiko Fuji.

  • Premium Flight

    Includes a taste of Bulzai Ginjo, Manotsuru Red Crane, Countless Visions Nigori, & Joto Diaginjo.

  • Sake Bombs

    A unique concoction; sake bombs are created with sake and your choice of beer.

  • I'm Hero

    Junmai Sake, mango, pineapple, cranberry, & angostura bitters.

  • I'm Villain

    Junmai Sake, Green Tea Simple Syrup, Lime Juice, & Peychaud's Bitters.

  • Nezuko

    Junmai Sake, Rinomato, Blood Orange, Cranberry, Simple Syrup, & Lemonberry Acai Soda.

  • Tanjiro

    Lil sumo sake, pineapple juice, green tea simple syrup, & edible glitter.



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